Amsterdam University Press collaborates, both in acquisitions and marketing, with Medieval Institute Publications (MIP) and Arc Humanities Press to expand our combined Medieval Studies portfolio. The close partnership, established in 2015, involves a joint acquisitions team for medieval studies, exchange of expertise and staff for pre-press work, marketing, distribution, and shared work-processes. As a consortium of three publishers MIP, Arc, and AUP contract 200 scholarly titles a year in late antique, medieval, and early modern studies, and in related humanities research such as digital humanities and cultural heritage.


Medieval Institute Publications (MIP) is a university press based at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, famous for its annual medieval congress; it publishes in late antique, medieval and early modern interdisciplinary fields. MIP was established in 1978 and now also houses Arc Humanities Press, which specializes in global premodern history, reference books, and public understanding of the past. Arc is the publishing arm of the learned society CARMEN Worldwide Medieval Network.

MIP is Medieval | Interdisciplinary | Premodern

MIP’s publication series provide a space for exploring what it has meant to be human through the ages, using literary, historical, and material sources and by employing innovative, popular, or interdisciplinary approaches. MIP’s publications explore themes in the late-antique, medieval, and early modern periods on:

• Popular life – mundane, everyday, non-elite, vernacular, democratic
• Human emotions – love and hatred, beauty and disgust, etc.
• Human experience; definitions of “humanity” – strife and struggle, self-expression, personal achievement; living in community; survival in “natural” and built / engineered environments
• New bodies, forms, and media – the translation of human works / texts / artifacts into digital forms; the creation and survival of networks of human and non-human agents in premodern and modern cultures

MIP publications are typically interdisciplinary and “edgy”, in the sense of being cutting edge, or crossing disciplinary, geographical, or chronological boundaries.

MIP also publishes several series of affordable classroom texts for the Consortium for the Teaching of the Middle Ages (TEAMS).

MIP series:

  • Early Drama, Art, and Music
  • History and Cultures of Food, 1300-1800
  • Late Tudor and Stuart Drama: Gender, Performance, and Material Culture
  • Ludic Cultures, 1100–1700
  • Medieval Prosopography (Journal)
  • Monastic Life
  • The Northern Medieval World: On the Margins of Europe
  • Research in Medieval and Early Modern Culture
  • Richard Rawlinson Center Series (Anglo-Saxon Studies)
  • Studies in Iconography: Themes and Variations
  • Studies in Iconography (Journal)
  • Studies in Medieval and Early Modern Culture
  • TEAMS Texts and Translations



Arc Humanities Press publishes scholarly research across premodern interdisciplinary studies. It takes in the late antique, medieval, and early modern periods from a global perspective; area studies (within and beyond Europe); digital humanities; and research that fosters better public engagement in, and understanding, of the past and the links the premodern world has with the contemporary world.

Arc Humanities Press series:

  • Beyond Medieval Europe
  • Black Sea World
  • CARMEN Monographs and Studies
  • Collection Development, Cultural Heritage and Digital Humanities
  • Connected Histories in the Early Modern World
  • Cross-Cultural Engagements
  • European Medieval Battlefields
  • Medieval Islamicate World
  • Medieval Media Culture
  • The Medieval Globe
  • Past Imperfect
  • The Premodern Caribbean and Central American World